COMMUNITY COD:20.10 - 20.14

Electronic handbrake (CodeFSEA)

A driver's seat configured for quadriplegic users includes an electrically-operated
parking brake system operated by a push-button controlled servo-motor.


Wheelchair lifting hoist (CodeVSTRO)

This system raises the folded wheelchair electrically and inserts it into the vehicle manually between the front and rear seats.
The lifting system is driven by a push-button operated motor, complete with pulleys, cables and snap-hook.It is secured to the car by means of a pin mounted on the sliding door pivot arm.Manufactured in steel, the device features a series of adjustments and a number of ball joints mounted on brass bushings that guarantee maximum efficiency.It can be installed on most cars and can be adapted for use with a wide variety of folding wheelchairs.Electrical and mechanical limit switches ensure safe use.Lifting capacity:25 kg

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