Thanks to a series of customised modifications designed to meet their specific needs, "UP & GO" systems enable wheelchair bound users to access the vehicle's driving position IN COMPLETE AUTONOMY. A remote control unit can be used to open the electrically operated right side door and extend the lifting platform, allowing the user to board the vehicle in complete autonomy.

After mounting the platform, the user can physically access the interior of the vehicle. Once aboard the vehicle, the user can access the driver's position directly in his/her wheelchair, securing it in place by means of an electric locking system; alternatively, the driver's seat may be fitted with an ELECTRICALLY OPERATED SUPPORT PLATE (available with various operating systems) enabling a comfortable transfer, inside of the vehicle, from the wheelchair to the seat and vice versa.
At this point, having fully customised our vehicle to our needs ... we are ready to begin our journey !!!
This type of solution is suitable for installation on vehicles such as: Mercedes Viano - Vito, Opel Vivaro, Volkswagen Transporter, Fiat Ducato, Ford Transit, etc.


By using a wheelchair equipped with an electrical locking system, it is possible to access the driving position directly. The driver simply rolls his/her wheelchair off the lifting platform and into the driving position. The mechanical wheelchair latching and locking system is fully automatic. The release is electrically activated with a push button panel.
The system is equipped with a timer-controlled system that closes it automatically after a delay of a few seconds. For safety reasons, if the locking system fails to secure the wheelchair, it is impossible to start the vehicle. The wheelchair in the driving position may be replaced by the vehicle seat, equipped with the same locking system as the wheelchair.

Auxiliary devices for disabled drivers
Auxiliary devices for disabled drivers
Auxiliary devices for disabled drivers


Auxiliary devices for disabled drivers

When the user presses the open button, it activates a command that enables the central lock release mechanism and, subsequently, the door opening movement, which is regulated by a dedicated limit switch.
Pressing the close button activates the above process in reverse order.
The door opening device is equipped with an anti-crushing system, which detects the presence of an obstacle or a person interferring with the door as it closes, causing it to reverse direction and reopen. To reset the opening and closing cycle, simply press the command button again.
For safety reasons, the electrically operated door is equipped with a dual safety system release.


The driver's seat can be equipped with an electrically operated support plate(available with various types of operating systems) that enables the driver to transfer comfortably from his/her wheelchair to the driving position, and vice versa, inside the vehicle.
In the first case, the seat may be raised and lowered electrically, with a maximum excursion of about 170mm, while in the latter case it rotates by 90 degrees, is raised and lowered and slides electrically towards the interior of the vehicle up to a maximum of about 130 cm.

Auxiliary devices for disabled drivers
Auxiliary devices for disabled drivers
Auxiliary devices for disabled drivers


Auxiliary devices for disabled drivers

The electrically operated sliding door is fitted with a manual emergency system that can be operated from the driver's seat by pressing a button mounted on the seat or the vehicle dashboard, or by operating an emergency handle installed inside the vehicle.
If a problem affecting the opening system occurs while the user is outside the vehicle, an additional, handle-operated manual emergency system is installed in the boot.


Auxiliary devices for disabled drivers

The verticaliser is a supporting base that facilitates movement from an erect position to a seated position and vice versa, or transfer from car seat to wheelchair. It is activated by a remotely operated electrical control unit and features an excursion of 300 mm.
The plastic support bar may be folded up when not in use. It can be sized to suit different requirements



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