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The Handytechrent servicewas inaugurated on 11 September 2006 and includes more than 50 vehicles, which are available from a nationwide network of authorised Handytech centres offering unprecedented logistic support services.

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Disabled Rental Guide

The service is based primarily on vehicles supplied with all the main features and safety equipment, automatic gearbox and air-conditioningand the following driving aids:


  • Steering-wheel mounted, under-ring electrical acceleration device.
  • Vertical brake extension arm.
  • Infrared control unit positioned on the right or left.
  • Inverted left hand accelerator.
  • Driving school dual controls.

These accessories can be used to adapt vehicles so that they can be driven safely by hemiplegic and paraplegic users, and amputees. This covers approximately 70% of all driving-related disabilities. Cars fitted with these accessories are capable of meeting various different requirements:

  • Demo car: enables customers to inspect the accessories they intend to install on their vehicles and assess their technical efficiency.
  • Replacement car: nowadays the majority of dealerships, body shops, etc. offer their customers a replacement or courtesy car service, but the availability of adapted replacement cars for disabled people is virtually nonexistent. Until now, when a disabled person was unable to use their car for any reason, in all likelihood he/she would have been unable to obtain an alternative vehicle. But now, thanks to the Handytechrent service, anyone can contact one of our authorised Rental Points to hire a vehicle and have it set-up according to their specific driving needs.
  • Car rental: our cars can also be rented without a driver for short periods, and since our rental points are located in tourist areas or cities, the cars for hire represent the ideal solution for holidays, leisure activities or business trips.
  • Driving school: our vehicles are also fitted with dual control systems (which can be disabled when not in use), so they are ideal for provisional licence holders who wish to gain some practical experience as they prepare for their driving tests.


The range of categories is broad: private individuals, inpatient rehabilitation centres, dealerships, garages and body shops, car hire agencies, travel agencies, hotels, driving schools, institutions and associations, etc.

Many people or organisations find themselves in a position where they need a vehicle equipped with special driving accessoriesfor one reason or another, and now, at long last, they can turn to Handytechrent for a serious, efficient service which is destined to become the partner of choice for disabled drivers.


FIAT DOBLO' car hire for the disabled

Available at our headquarters, you can hire a FIAT DOBLO ' with the following driving and transportation adaptations:

- Steering-wheel mounted, under-ring acceleration (HT-SPEED DOWN)

- Vertical brake (HT-PUSH)

- Fixed infrared control unit (CRC)

- Inverted accelerator pedal (NEW-PASV)

- Driving school dual controls.


The vehicle also has the Handy Eco lowered floor system solution for the transport of a person in a wheelchair if the wheelchair must be placed in the vehicle from the rear.


11 July 2006 is an important date for disabled people because it was on this day, in Moncalvo, the smallest town in Italy, that the largest national disabled car hire service opened: Handytechrent .

The brainchild of Renzo Nosenzo, founder and CEO of Handytech-Carrozzeria 71, a leader in the production and marketing of products for disabled drivers and transportation systems for people with impaired mobility, has become reality thanks to the collaboration of the Handytech Sales and Service Points.

The Handytechrent service provides cars equipped with driving aids designed to enable 70% of special driving licence holders to get behind the wheel.
The company's solutions are designed for use by paraplegic and hemiplegic users and amputees, by fitting vehicles with: steering-wheel mounted, under-ring electronic acceleration devices, vertical brake extension arms, infrared control units for auxiliary commands, inverted left hand accelerator pedals, respectively.
All cars are already equipped with an automatic transmission as an aid, and also air conditioning and radio for even greater comfort. In addition, each car is equipped with a driving school dual control system for those who have yet to pass their driving test or currently only hold a provisional licence.
The fleet currently consists of about 50 cars, but this is only the starting point, and Carrozzeria 71 and its network of Sales and Service Points fully expect the service to continue expanding, certain in the favourable response of their customers.

The demand for customised rental, demo, replacement and courtesy cars, and specially adapted cars for learner drivers, is not a new phenomenon.
Attempts had been made in the past, and some services still exist, but none of them is comparable to Handytechrent for the quantity, geographical distribution and safety of the service it provides.
Safety is both the key to the success of the initiative and strong point of the Handytechrent service; the network of Handytech Points is staffed by trained professionals who guarantee that the cars are fitted with appropriate auxiliary devices and are in perfect working order, as well as providing customers with all the information necessary to use and operate them correctly, and any other instructions or items that may be necessary to ensure a risk-free driving experience.

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