Handytech is constantly engaged in research and in construction design solutions that meet the needs of private clients, institutions and associations active in the socio-sanitary field, perfecting and improving solutions deemed as classic, such as the installation of electro-hydraulic lifts or ramps on high roof vehicles, and developing innovative solutions in parallel with exclusive lowering platform systems.

The slots for wheelchairs are integrated to the vehicle guaranteeing the necessary measures to comfortably accommodate a passenger in a wheelchair and the other occupants, are studied and personalised so that they are easy to use, comfortable and secure for the passenger in a wheelchair. That is why all Handytech equipment have CE certification and they comply with all quality standards regarding safety, respecting EN 14041, EN13845 and EN 425 for the stresses of wheelchairs, ISO10542 international standards and SAE52249 US standards.

Customisable accessories which are adaptable to individual vehicles, different tastes and needs complement our set-up solutions allowing you to accommodate 4/5/6 passengers on seats, plus a wheelchair seat. Learn more about our transport options, go to the sections:

Low floor vehicles

High roof vehicles

Individual transport
High Roof Vehicles
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