Wheelchair transportation

Handytech is constantly engaged in the research and design of solutions that meet the needs of private clients, institutions and associations active in the health and social care field, perfecting and improving solutions deemed as classic, such as the installation of electro-hydraulic lifts or ramps on high roof vehicles, and developing innovative solutions in parallel with exclusive platform lowering systems.

The slots for wheelchairs are integrated to the vehicle guaranteeing the necessary measures to comfortably accommodate a passenger in a wheelchair and the other occupants; they are studied and personalised so that they are easy to use, comfortable and secure for the passenger in a wheelchair. That is why all Handytech equipment have CE certification and they comply with all quality standards regarding safety, respecting EN 14041, EN13845 and EN 425 for the fatigue of wheelchairs, ISO10542 international standards and SAE52249 US standards.

Customisable accessories which are adaptable to individual vehicles, different tastes and needs complement our set-up solutions allowing you to accommodate 4/5/6 passengers on seats, plus a wheelchair seat.


The low floor upholstered with soundproof and anti-slip material ensures a maximum space of 1400 mm in length (1250 mm in the Maxi version), 790 mm in width with an input and internal height of 1420 mm with a loading capacity of 300 kg.Servo-assisted access ramp with folding closure - Four independent wheelchair restraint points fitted with manual and automatic retractor reels - A safety belt for the passenger in a wheelchair, with automatic retractor reel -


The vehicle is equipped with two seats in the second row that become three in the Maxi version thanks to a folding and removable two-seater bench and single seat.Both solutions allow one to configure the vehicle for the transport of a manual or electronic wheelchair.
The low floor covered with non-slip sound-absorbing material ensures a maximum space of 1400 mm in length (1250 mm in the Maxi version), 790 mm in width and an inner input height of 1420 mm with a load capacity of 300 kg.Various options are available to
enhance the vehicle adaptation, such as LED lighting to facilitate operations during night-time use, the folding ramp to optimise the loading of baggage and the electric hoist to further facilitate getting on and off.


The seats in the second row allow four passengers (five in the Maxi version) plus a manual or electric wheelchair.The dimensions
of the seats allow you to have a usable space of 580 mm for the fitting of the wheelchair, without sacrificing the comfort of passengers.


The low-floor access ramp is 1.580 mm long and 780 mm wide and does not hinder rearward vision of the driver.The
composite material with which the ramp is built, the ergonomic handles, the servo assistance system and the non-slip coating
make rapid use possible and make the ramp functional and safe.


Electrical hoist with remote control for wheelchair passengers;

Fixing support for internal spare wheel housing;

LED lighting system.


The New Fiat Doblò high roof van can be adapted in two ways – in the standard or the XL versions – the cargo floor can be covered with an aluminium plate coated with a highly resistant quartz material.The wheelchair housing space is equipped with a retaining system with removable automatic retractor reels and a three-point safety belt for wheelchair passengers, all conforming to international standards.

In both versions, the width of the rear compartment of the vehicle allows you to comfortably carry up to five able-bodied people and one passenger in a wheelchair, either manual or electric.

Access to the vehicle is either via an electro-hydraulic lifting platform or a servo-assisted ramp.The various accessories and diverse functional and aesthetic customisations allow you to have a versatile vehicle capable of meeting the needs of various users, like private owners, associations and taxi drivers.

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